Quince Solutions


Quince Solutions offers a range of technical business Services that enables your organization to streamline and enhance its current software applications.  The technical business services offerings extend the capabilities of your business and allow your organization to capitalize on its enterprise software investment.  These services include:

Application Assessment

Quince Solutions’ Application Assessment services identify and provide solutions to application issues, including performance, single points of failure, inefficient or broken integrations, and underutilized applications.  Quince Solutions clearly identifies these application issues and provides practical solutions.

Application Design and Implementation

Quince Solutions’ Application Design and Implementation services utilize an agile approach to rapidly design and implementing applications based on your business and technical requirements.  By utilizing the latest Cloud technologies and open source frameworks, Quince Solutions delivers custom solutions that exceed expectations and provide the maximum value to your organization.

Program and Project Management

Quince Solutions’ Program and Project Management services lead and manage your software projects ensuring on time delivery within the defined project budget.  Quince Solutions specializes in managing projects with enterprise methodologies such as Agile, Waterfall, or your proprietary methodology.

Software Development

Quince Solutions’ Software Development services provide your business with expert development capabilities, whether it is taking on full stand-alone development responsibilities or augmenting your current development team.  Quince Solutions software capabilities cover the most common enterprise programming languages, platforms, and technologies.